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Permanent Skin Blemish Removal

Blemishes treated:

Skin tags




Telangiectasia (Red veins)

Seborrhoeic Keratosis

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra

Sebaceous Hyperplasia



blood spots (Cherry anginoma)

Age spots

Skin coloured moles

Advanced Electrolysis treats all of the above successfully.

Please note: you will require further appointments for some blemishes.

Using a dermatascope we will scan your face or body to assess your blemish concern. After identification and discussion, we proceed to treat if appropriate.

Skin blemish treatment from £50 consultation

and 1 treatment /patch test

Add ons available POA

skin blemish removal
Electrolysis hair removal

Permanent Hair Removal

Suitable for all genders, skin colours and all hair colours.

All available modalities offered: Short wave diathermy, blend & galvanic.


Unwanted facial and body hair can be embarrassing for some people. We understand and can help you on your hair free journey.  You may have the odd chin hair, suffer with PCOS, have unruly eyebrows,need beard definion, be transitioning MTF.

You can be assured you will be treated by an electrolysis expert and member of the Biae at the clinic.

We have two of the best  Machines for your comfort.  Made by two of the world's leading manufacturers  and featuring all modalities:  flash, blend, omniblend  and galvanic for precise treatments


 Apilus technology which uses modalities flash, blend omniblend and galvanic for precise treatments. The settings are so fast that our pain receptors do not have time to react, making for a more comfortable treatment.

Inserting a probe the size of an eyelash into the hair follicle, then applying a heat setting causes destruction in the follicle tissue,  meaning treated hair is unable to grow back!


The practitioner is able treat all visible hairs. Some hairs may not yet be visible due to still growing in the follicle these will be treated as they appear, during further appointments.

You will require  further visits to the clinic due to electrolysis being  a progressive treatment. In the early stages you will experience hair growth management until the growth slows and diminishes and then eventually clears.

Electrolysis  treats all hair colours  and skin types meaning it is fully inclusive and available to most people. It is the only treatment in the UK  that is recognised as permanent by the British Medical Association.

We will tailor a bespoke treatment plan that suits you!

Consultation £25

Please allow 45 minutes to 1 hour for your first appointment. This is a very thorough consultation, and an opportunity for you to experience industry expertise and decide if electrolysis is for you. A patch test  will be performed and you will  be advised on all aftercare. This is your opportunity to ask questions  that will help form the basis of your agreed treatment plan.

Electrolysis prices  (Packages available on request)

0-15 min - £28

20 mins - £33

30 mins - £44

45 mins - £60

60 mins - £75


Apilus machine

We work with Apilus and Sterex technology, the Apilus Senior 3G and Sterex SXB, to offer all three modern electrolysis modalities - blend, diathermy and galvanic.

Why choose a clinic that offers this level of technology? Comfort and effectiveness.

Using equipment that has the quickest, the most powerful and most comfortable technology on the market, with 10 treatment modalities and 1080 programs, enabling each client to have a bespoke program for their hair removal.

​We recently added Dectro's Apilus technology to ensure clients benefited from a greatly improved comfort level treatment, offering pulses at 1000th of a second at 13.56 MHz of power. This means the specialist 'microflash' setting delivers a current so fast that pain receptors do not have time to react, therefore a virtually pain free treatment!

​In over 25 years, we have found this is by far the most superior electrolysis machine on the market. The results are amazing! Clients are seeing great results that mean fewer appointments.

​Please contact the clinic for further information or book your first consultation.

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