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Skin Blemish Treatment
Advanced Cosmetic Procedures Treatment and removal of one or two skin blemishes 
From £75 requires (follow up 4 to 6 weeks later)
Second appointment check up and further treatment cost: £50 
Mole reduction treatment from £60
Some blemishes  will require more than one appointment.
All treatments require a follow up appointment.
*Plane warts 
*seborroheic keratosis
*Red veins /broken capillaries (face only)
*Cherry anginomas *milia *spider Naevi *skin tags
*sebaceous Hyperplasia
*Cambell de Morgan *mole reduction  (May require a Doctors letter)
*hairs in moles
*DPN Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra




Electrolysis has been around since 1875. who knew that it would still be around today; used worldwide and recognized by the BMA and FSA as the only permanent method of hair removal. What an accolade.

Today of course we use modern technology that  is comfortable and very effective at removing unwanted hair permanently!

specialist equipment with settings so fast that pain receptors do not have time to react.making for a comfortable treatment.

So many of us walk around with embarassing skin blemishes unecessarily. Blemishes such as skin tags, red veins and cherry anginomas can be removed quickly. Electrolysis treats all of the above successfully, offering immediate results in the majority of cases.

Online brief chat  available includes initial  discussion with the practicioner.

Discretion, empathy and respect are assured at all times.  01618790266 (leave a message with your name and number we will endeavour to call you back within 24 hours



We work with the best Apilus technology, the Apilus Senior 3 G, to offer all three modern electrolysis modalities - blend, diathermy and galvanic.

Why choose a clinic that offers this level of technology? Because it's comfortable and extremely effective.

Using equipment that has the quickest, the most powerful and most comfortable technology on the market, with 10 treatment modalities and 1080 programs, enables each client to have a bespoke program for their hair removal.

​We decided to update our machines to Dectro's Apilus technology to ensure clients benefited from a greatly improved comfort level treatment, offering pulses at 1000th of a second at 13.56 MHz of power. This means the specialist 'microflash' setting delivers a current so fast that pain receptors do not have time to react, therefore a virtually pain free treatment!

​In 28 years we have found this is by far the most superior electrolysis machine on the market. The results are amazing! Clients are seeing results that mean fewer appointments and fantastic hair-free and blemish-free skin.

​Our Advanced Electrolysis Clinics are located in Urmston, Manchester and Sale, Cheshire. Tailored and bespoke packages are available.

​Please contact the clinic for further information or book your first consultation.

Make an initial appointment Telephone 01618790266