Whether your aim is to boost a curl, or to straighten one, Curling Creme will do the trick!


Containing moisturisers for relaxation, and fixative to hold in the new position. Scrunch, Rake through, Smooth on, apply to towel dried or completely dry hair. Curling Creme is a cross between a conditioner and styling product, relaxing the hair, leaving it feeling richer, flexible and more malleable and is suitable for all hair types.

Curling Creme is a wearable styling treatment that makes a great base for styling your hair. Its conditioning properties will leave your hair feeling revitalised and with flexible strength, so you can style your hair until your heart’s content.

Directions for use: Apply curling creme to damp or dry hair. Blow or air-dry. On dry hair, reapply to add texture and control. Apply anytime for an instant style boost. Only a small application is required.

Curl Control Creme 30ml


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