Electrolysis is the removal of unwanted body and facial hair and has been used since 1875. It is the only treatment that is recognised as permanent hair removal, by the British Medical Association.

Unlike other competing methods of hair removal that only offer permanent reduction, electrolysis completely removes individual hairs forever!

Online consultation is free and includes an in depth discussion with the practicioner. Discretion, empathy and respect are assured at all times.  



Electrolysis is the only treatment that is recognised as offering permanent hair removal by the British Medical Association. Electrolysis has been used since 1875 and remains the only 100% permanent hair removal method.

After 25+ years successfully working with transgender clients, we work with an understanding of the transwoman journey; honed from extensive research, training and clinical experience. Discretion, empathy and respect are assured at all times.  ​

Transgender electrolysis is real specialism that requires not just the technical skill to remove the unwanted hair but also the ability to earn the trust needed between customer and practicioner along the journey

A BIAE member and approved NHS provider, we are fully set up to offer you a full hair removal service. If you have received  your funding letter we can progress your NHS application and access the funding needed to begin treatment.

​For transgender clients wishing to research electrolysis for hair removal, there is further specialist information available from your local Clinical Commissioning Group.

Using Apilus technology and flash, blend, thermolysis and galvanic modalities, we will tailor make a bespoke treatment plan that suits you! Our Advanced Electrolysis Clinics specialise in electrolysis permanent hair removal from a home-based clinic in Urmston, Manchester and a twice monthly clinic based in Sale, Cheshire.

Please contact the clinic for further information or book a free online consultation. 01618790266

APILUS ELECTROLYSIS Machines Used at both clinics for client comfort

We work with the best Apilus technology, the Apilus Senior 3 G, to offer all three modern electrolysis modalities including: blend, diathermy and galvanic. This ensures we find the right setting to comfortably remove each hair permanently.

​We decided to update our machines to Dectro's Apilus technology to ensure clients benefited from a greatly improved comfort level treatment, offering pulses at 1000th of a second at 13.56 MHz of power. This means the specialist 'microflash' setting delivers a current so fast that pain receptors do not have time to react, so usually  a virtually pain free treatment!

​In 28 years of delivering permanent hair removal, we have found this is one of  the most superior electrolysis machine on the market. The results are amazing! Clients are seeing results that mean fewer appointments and future hair-free skin.

​Our Advanced Electrolysis Clinics are located in Urmston, Manchester and Sale, Cheshire. Tailored and bespoke permanent hair removal packages are available.

​Please contact for further information or to book your initial consultation. ( From time to time there will e a sh

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