Electrolysis is the removal of unwanted body and facial hair. Inserting a probe the size of an eyelash into the hair follicle and applying heat that causes destruction in the follicle tissue that feeds the hair, the hair is then unable to grow back. The practicioner can only treat the visible hairs. Customers will require further treatments as electrolysis is progressive. It is the only treatment that is recognised as permanent hair removal, by the British Medical Association and has been used since 1875.

So many of us walk around with embarassing skin blemishes unecessarily. Blemishes such as skin tags, red veins and cherry anginomas can be removed. Electrolysis treats all of the above successfully, offering immediate results in the majority of cases.

Consultation is free includes an in depth discussion with the practicioner., Patch test and full size home care product. Discretion, empathy and respect are assured at all times.  


​We get rid of unwanted hairs permanently and treat and remove unwanted skin blemishes!

Our Advanced Electrolysis  and Hair Removal Clinics are located in Urmston, Manchester and Sale, Cheshire.

Electrolysis has been used since 1875 and remains the only 100% permanent hair removal method. We work with the best Apilus technology to offer all three modern modalities - blend, diathermy and galvanic.

Tailored and bespoke permanent hair removal packages or skin blemish treatments are available, starting at £25 for a 15 minute session.

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City & Guilds Electrical Epilation (Electrolysis)

Sterex Blend Training

Sterex Transgender Training

BIAE Advanced Electrolysis

Sterex Level 4 Advanced Electrolysis

Member of the British Institute and Association of Electrolysis

Member of the British Dermatological Nursing Group

An approved NHS provider, fully set up to offer you a full hair or skin blemish removal service. If you have a funding letter we can progress your application and access the funding needed to begin treatment.

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An amazing beauty therapy and electrolysis service that is transforming the way I look and feel with each visit.


Very impressed with the treatment, service and aftercare. Would definitely recommend.


I would like to thank Pauline. She makes you feel at ease. Lovely person! I went for hair removal and am always happy with the result.


Highly recommend Pauline as a caring, considerate professional electrologist who always delivers great results in a friendly, enjoyable, relaxing environment and atmosphere.


Would definitely recommend Bali Whispers clinic!!

Professional and friendly, Pauline is a lovely lady.

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​We are an exclusive stockist of PH Naturals Skin & Hair. 

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