Electrolysis is the only treatment that is recognised as  permanent Hair removal, by the British Medical Association.

Electrolysis is the removal of unwanted body and facial hair  and has been used since 1875. Today  the original galvanic method has improved almost beyond recognition,  although the basic principles of using heat to destroy the follicle of the hairs remain the same. Unlike other competing methods of hair removal that only offer  permanent reduction. Electrolysis completely removes individual hairs forever!

Please contact the clinic for further information or book your consultation.

Online consultation is Free!  Includes: An indepth discussion with the practicioner to explain how electrolysis will help you achieve permanent hair removal includes: Consultation form including medical questionnaire.


   Electrolysis Hair Removal Price list (Updated June 2020 )

                   0 - 15  minutes            £22.50

                         20 minutes            £26.00

                         25 minutes            £29.00

                         30 minutes            £35.00

                         45 minutes            £50.00

                         60 minutes            £65.00

                         90 minutes            £95.00

Pre-payment by bacs upon booking is preferrable can accept contactless card payments at the clinic.

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